HF datalink (HFDL)

Rockwell Collins are pleased to confirm that HF datalink (HFDL) for air transport is booming and considered a real, viable alternative to satcoms on many long-haul routes. 

In particular there is renewed interest due to its ability to stand in for VHF on short-haul and regional aircraft in areas where it’s hard to make a business case for the necessary alternative ground stations, as is often the case in the developing world and the remote reaches of large countries like Russia and Africa for example.


HFDL Overview | Aviation Data Link by Rockwell Collins ARINC
HFDL has been available to the airlines for over a decade and in that time usage has grown by an average of 20 per cent a year.

More than 85 airlines with 2600+ aircraft equipped send 4.8 million messages a month. Growing numbers of new aircraft are being built with HFDL available as an option, and more airlines than ever are specifying it.


HF Communications Technical Information | Air to Ground Communications by Rockwell Collins ARINC
The Rockwell Collins ARINC ACARS® HFDL service owes its reach to a network of 15 ground stations embracing most of the Earth’s surface – around 168 million square miles, including both poles – and with overlapping coverage zones to provide a high degree of service continuity in the event of a station outage.



ARINC Air to Ground Communications Commercial Benefits | Aviation Data Link
Apart from the compelling robustness which has made HFDL a standard medium for the support of long-haul operations all over the world, there is also a compelling case for its use in short-haul and regional operations into areas where VHF datalink is not available.


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